What Does It Mean For A Travel Agent To Have An Iatan Card?

The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the preferred means of recognition of travel professionals by the Industry. In order to assist industry suppliers in the management, distribution, and control of their industry concessions; the ID Card is often used to safely and efficiently verify a bona fide IATA travel agent via CheckACode.

What is a IATAN card?

The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the industry standard credential to identify bona fide travel professionals. Key benefits include access to concessionary incentives from industry suppliers.

What does IATAN stand for in travel?

IATAN ( International Airlines Travel Agent Network ) is a department of IATA and has been servicing all aspects of the US Travel and Tourism industry for more than 20 years. IATAN offers you global recognition and global reach, which no other accreditation program can.

What is the difference between IATA and IATAN?

IATAN (ticketing and non-ticketing) is essentially a U.S.-branded version of IATA. When you see an ‘N’ in IATA, think US-based agencies. At the end of the day, IATAN comes wrapped up in a different package than IATA, but the contents are essentially the same.

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What is IATAN accreditation?

IATAN’s accreditation recognizes the diversified and versatile U.S. travel professional who can and will continue to meet universally recognized requirements and who sell travel and travel related services. Store front, home based, or on the site of a customer. Independent, partnerships or corporate businesses.

How do I qualify for an IATAN card?

Eligibility Requirements Be an owner, employee or an independent contractor of an IATAN accredited location. Be registered with IATAN. Devote a minimum of 20 hours per week to the business of selling travel. Earn a minimum of USD 5,000 in salary and/ or commissions in the prior 24 months.

How much is an IATAN card?

IATAN/IATA cards cost between $35 and $45 depending on how they’re purchased. For example: Online card purchases are cheaper than calling IATAN to purchase the ID card(s).

How do I renew my Iatan card?

Renew today on the app or website. Log in with your PRIN or VER # and password to renew your ID Card on the IATAN Online Service platform. Log in with your VER # and IATA Code to renew your ID Card on the ID Card Online platform.

How do you become a certified travel agent?

How to earn a travel agent certification

  1. Complete a certificate program.
  2. Earn an associate degree.
  3. Complete a hospitality industry course.
  4. Complete an itinerary planning course.
  5. Complete an international travel course.
  6. Complete an online travel agent course.
  7. Certified Travel Associate (CTA) Certification.

What is a iatan ver embarc ID?

The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the preferred means of recognition of travel professionals by the Industry. The ID Card contains the following information: Name of the cardholder. Verification Number / VER # (10-digit code for each individual working at an IATA Travel Agency) Photo of the cardholder.

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What is iatan number?

For starters, IATAN stands for International Airlines Travel Agent Network. This is a department within IATA and has been serving the US Travel and Tourism industry for over 20 years. They are the issuer of the IATA/IATAN Card for travel agents in the United States. Be registered with IATAN.

What does an IATA card get you?

Eligible travel professionals (in possession of an IATA or IATAN ID card) can already access benefits such as special offers for flights, hotels, car rentals, sightseeing, ground transportation, familiarization trips and IATA training courses.

How do I verify a travel agent?

Make sure you’ve got the right paperwork A great way to check if a travel agency is legitimate is by checking that the company names on the paperwork match with who you have paid. There’s no harm in double checking your bank account and credit card statements for names and amounts paid.

How much does it cost to buy IATA license for a travel agency?

The Iata accreditation fee varies across countries. In India, the fee for a new applicant is $550 (Rs26,895) and an annual fee of $90 for existing members. According to the Iata website, 60,000 travel agents worldwide sell around $220 billion worth of airline tickets on behalf of around 230 member airlines.

What is ARC in travel?

arccorp.com. The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is a company that provides ticket transaction settlement services between airlines and travel agencies (both traditional and online) and the travel management companies that sell their products in the United States.

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