Often asked: What Is Nursefly Travel Agent?

NurseFly, the healthcare jobs marketplace owned by IAC, has rebranded to Vivian Health as it expands its range of services. Originally launched for traveling nurses (or nurses willing to travel for short-term positions), Vivian Health now includes listings for permanent positions, per diem shifts and local openings.

Is NurseFly a good company?

NurseFly has a great high-growth culture. As an early employee we have a lot of opportunity to build process from scratch and be decision makers. Benefits are also great for such an early stage company! There’s a lot of work to be done, so we are definitely not working the standard 9am – 5pm, 40 hours per week.

What does Vivian health do?

Vivian Health is the leading healthcare jobs marketplace built to serve healthcare professionals first. We’re fixing the way healthcare hiring works in America.

What is Vivian app?

Vivian now offers all kinds of healthcare jobs —permanent, per-diem, local contract, and travel— for all kinds of healthcare workers: registered nurses, therapists, and allied professionals.

Who owns Vivian healthcare?

Vivian Health is owned by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC).

What is NurseFly?

NurseFly, the healthcare jobs marketplace owned by IAC, has rebranded to Vivian Health as it expands its range of services. Founded in 2017, NurseFly was acquired by IAC in August 2019. It is used by providers like AMN Healthcare, Cross Country Healthcare, Host Healthcare, Trinity Health, SSM Health and Honor Health.

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Does NurseFly pay for housing?

Unfortunately, you can only receive the tax-free stipend option if you can claim a ‘permanent tax-home’. You must be able to prove that you contribute a ‘reasonable monetary amount’ (determined by the IRS) to a home that you own or rent in a location at least 50 miles from your travel assignment.

What is staff DNA?

StaffDNA gives healthcare professionals complete career control for higher-paying opportunities and flexibility. Search the highest-pay. Now Hiring · 3 Job Openings. View Jobs. Join the thousands of healthcare clinicians who trust StaffDNA to build, manage and grow their careers.

What is a telemetry nurse?

Telemetry Nursing, also referred to as Progressive Care Nursing, focuses solely on the monitoring of cardiac patients . These nurses are highly trained in using the latest electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) and telemedicine technology, and are experts at identifying potentially dangerous heart rhythms.

Is Oregon a compact state for nursing?

Oregon is not a member of the nurse licensure compact. Candidates who are licensed in other states apply by endorsement. New graduates take the NCLEX exam (as do other candidates who are seeking licensure in the U.S. for the first time).

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